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Communications and Grassroots Advocacy

LGN’s communications and grassroots advocacy team is a diverse group of professionals with a broad range of experience focused on public affairs. We represent businesses, associations, and non-profits helping them influence decision-makers on their political issues through strategic communications and motivating allies to take action.


The Lockridge Grindal Nauen communications and grassroots advocacy team manages public relations campaigns and grassroots issue advocacy efforts at every level of Minnesota politics.

We offer the following services:

  • Association management
  • Coalition development and management
  • Collateral materials
  • Days at the capitol
  • E-newsletters
  • Editorial board meetings
  • Event planning and management
  • Grassroots advocacy
  • Grasstops outreach and engagement
  • Issue campaigns
  • Letters to the editor
  • Media packets
  • Media tours
  • Online advertisements
  • Opinion-editorials/columns
  • Press conferences
  • Press releases
  • Rallies and petition drives
  • Radio advertisements
  • Reporter briefings
  • Social media campaigns
  • Strategic messaging
  • Testimonials
  • Website development

Why Choose LGN?

LGN’s communications and grassroots advocacy team is focused exclusively on communications and grassroots advocacy.

LGN’s team of professionals have years of experience running public relations and grassroots advocacy campaigns in Minnesota and the Midwest. We’re not traditional lobbyists that also “do grassroots.” Managing issue campaigns and coalitions through media relations and grassroots advocacy strategies is our specialty and that’s all we do. We’re proud of our past accomplishments and eager to help clients get the most for their budget.

LGN’s communications and grassroots team is experienced and effective.

Our team has spent years focused on building and engaging advocates in a variety of issue areas.

  • Created and leveraged the largest advocacy network in the state,
  • Established strong relationships with the Capitol press corps through daily interaction at the legislature
  • Created talking points on critical and sensitive issues from inside and outside the Capitol.
  • Crisscrossed the state meeting with newspaper editorial boards
  • Attracted hundreds of people to town halls and received thousands of signatures for our clients.
  • Placed over 50 letters to the editor–for just one client.
  • Developed and managed coalitions with hundreds of small business members.

We’ve managed multi-state media relations and grassroots engagement campaigns for Fortune 500 companies as well as small non-profits.

LGN executes and produces measurable results.

In addition to helping our clients with messaging and consulting, we provide a specific return on investment. Four letters to the editor, two editorial board meetings, two personal intercepts, and ten partners recruited is our promise to deliver. This greatly distinguishes our communications and grassroots advocacy department from other consulting firms. With LGN, clients know what deliverables and work is being done.

LGN works as part of a collaborative team with a successful track record.

Our state and federal government relations team, along with our communications and grassroots advocacy professionals, work in a coordinated effort, unique among Midwest-based legal, lobbying, and government affairs firms. Our efforts are not duplicated, and we work to minimize redundancies so clients receive the most value for their budget. Our large team has relationships in every corner of the state with a wide variety of constituencies that we use on our clients’ behalf.


Grassroots Successes

LGN's efforts in grassroots advocacy have already garnered positive tangible results for its clients.

LGN worked to organize the statewide grassroots presence for the Coalition for Impartial Justice, including in-district visits with legislators, speaking engagements with community groups and local political party meetings, and coalition building with key thought leaders in important communities. Learn more at

LGN managed "Days at the Capitol" for clients in Minnesota and Washington, DC — including coordination of materials and event logistics, recruiting and managing speakers, and scheduling appointments with members of the Minnesota legislature and U.S. Congress, and briefing sessions with event attendees.

Over 500 targeted messages were sent from Minnesota's medical community, educating legislators on the impact of proposed health care cuts in 2011 and 2012.

Since 2008, more than 1,000 letters have been sent to the Capitol from LGN's clients regarding the health reform bill. This is in addition to countless calls to the Capitol. Additionally, LGN worked to mobilize a coalition of organizations with concerns over the bill and aide them in sending comparable messages. These efforts had a direct impact on the debate of the health reform bill, and led to the passage of an amendment delaying implementation of the bill and requiring the creation of a panel of representatives from the private sector to oversee the payment reform portion of the bill.

LGN worked to organize physicians who own ambulatory surgical centers and diagnostic imaging facilities to fend off attempts to authorize legislation hindering a doctor's efforts to open up his or her own practice. During the 2007-2008 legislative sessions, years that featured ample debates on health policy, there were no attempts to pass legislation resurrecting a Certificate of Need process.

LGN helped the Minnesota Academy of Ophthalmology, the Minnesota Medical Group Management Association and the Minnesota Ambulatory Health Care Consortium enhance their key contact networks and organize themselves in a manner where their members can communicate with their elected officials in a moment's notice and get results.

Whether your organization needs advice with messaging on an important issue, logistical support for a "Day at the Capitol," development of a Key Contact Network for targeted legislative districts, or other external support for your agenda in St. Paul or Washington, DC - Lockridge Grindal Nauen's team of professionals can help!